Find opportunities for creating content on any topic; locate influencers to reach out to; find the best bloggers in a specific industry; export lists of influencers to message and connect to.

Google Analytics

You are analyzing your website traffic, aren’t you? Dig in to Analytics to measure your traffic, learn about your visitors, and see which content and pages are performing best. You don’t need to be an SEO expert, but make a point to learn at least the basics.


If you’re a content marketer or a digital marketer, you’ll probably do a lot of writing. Evernote is a great place to write, but it’s more than that. It lets you clip and save ideas, notes, and links from your local drive, websites, and mobile device, and save it all in the cloud so it’s in one place.


Twitter is one of the best SM channels for finding content ideas, sharing content, connecting with influencers and experts, and publishing content. Tweetdeck lets you search and organize information on Twitter, create lists, and more. It’s also excellent for customer service/social listening.


The easiest way to create blog graphics, email newsletter images, and social media cover photos. Canva has built-in templates for almost any SM platform and templates for hundreds of different types of designs (even print docs). Hands down the best tool for creating files elegantly and quickly for your blog or social and elsewhere.


What is Trello? It’s a design platform, it’s a visual clipboard, it’s a place to write and categorize ideas, clips, and links. It’s also a way to share and collaborate with team members or clients. The Trello community also has dozens of add-ons to extend the performance of the cloud-hosted tool.


If you’re not building email lists and creating email marketing campaigns, you’re missing out on one of the best performing tactics in digital marketing. Mailchimp is affordable, simple to implement, and excellent for measuring success. There are many email marketing choices, but Mailchimp is the easiest and best value.


When you want to treat images with filters or effects and you don’t have time to learn every Photoshop trick, Befunky is the cloud-based place for you. Befunky let’s you apply effects to images like filters in Instagram and it’s easy. The paid version gives you hundreds of expert choices and tools for editing, adding text, and more.


This website allows users to post and/or answer questions on any topic. Sift through the questions to find popular queries, then create good content to answer them on your website or social media channels. Done properly, you should receive traffic.


People like to see things, they like graphics. Shake up your content by creating infographics to convey your data or message. Piktochart offers hundreds of templates and a web-based platform for creating infographics.


There are lots of places to create and embed maps (Google is popular of course), but Maphub’s maps are more attractive than the rest. This tool is absolutely free and you can embed the maps or link to them directly.

Sprout Social

If you want to grow your social media reach and influence, Sprout Social is the best solution. From your web-based dashboard you can schedule messages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other SM channels. You also get analytics, search capabilities, social listening, and more. You have to pay, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about SM.


Trying to get your website or client in a news article? HARO stands for “Help A Reporter Out” — it’s where journalists post requests for experts/quotes on various topics. You can filter by topic so you’ll get alerts when a reporter is sourcing a topic that fits your content expertise.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner will help you to get keywords and ad group ideas, historical statistics, keywords trend, competitions, bidding etc. The service is offered for free by Google and accessed within Adwords. (As of September 2016, Google Keyword Planner now limits data view for advertisers with a lower monthly spend.)


This social platform is not just for job searching anymore. LinkedIn has become a popular platform for publishing content and networking with influencers, bloggers, and industry experts. Not appropriate for every website or client, but LinkedIn is worth a look for getting your content out there.


Great for content ideas, content curation, publicity, link opportunities, as well as identifying competitors and leads for collaboration. The heart of Trendspottr is the ability to view real-time trending and viral topics as they ebb and flow. Acting quickly, this can allow you to get traffic by surfing on the wave of that topic.


When you need to get a press release out, PRWeb offers many services and avenues for publishing your presser. Depending on the plan you choose, you can get your release in front of as many as 25,000 news agencies.

If This Then That

Want to receive the trending news stories from any news site? Or get the weather report broadcast to your home page? Or maybe find all photos taken on Instagram within X miles of a location? IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to create recipes for almost anything. Write your own recipe or choose from thousands of the most popular.


When you work online, you’re constantly coming across articles, videos, podcasts, etc. that inspire or can be referenced in your content. Pocket lets you save any piece of of content through drag-and-drop, and it even integrates with Twitter and other SM channels, as well as mobile.


For design inspiration and keeping an eye on your competitors. Crayon tracks nearly 40 million web pages and allows you to filter them by industry or topic. The result is a tapestry of design and UX trends that can help you bolster your content.