SecureMySocial “addresses the business, legal, regulatory, physical, and human risks of social media by warning people in real-time if they post problematic material so as to ensure immediate removal.” SecureMySocial can also auto-delete such posts if so authorized.


If you want to create animated GIFs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., GIPHY makes it quick and easy. You can also search for GIF memes to use or build on.

Sprout Social

If you want to grow your social media reach and influence, Sprout Social is the best solution. From your web-based dashboard you can schedule messages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other SM channels. You also get analytics, search capabilities, social listening, and more. You have to pay, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about SM.


Twitter is one of the best SM channels for finding content ideas, sharing content, connecting with influencers and experts, and publishing content. Tweetdeck lets you search and organize information on Twitter, create lists, and more. Tweetdeck is also excellent for customer service and social listening, and important part of protecting your brand image.


The easiest way to create blog graphics, email newsletter images, and social media cover photos. Canva has built-in templates for almost any SM platform and templates for hundreds of different types of designs (even print docs). Hands down the best tool for creating files elegantly and quickly for your blog or social and elsewhere.

If This Then That

Want to Tweet the weather report when the temp dips below a certain number? Or Tweet your Instagram photos automatically? Or maybe find all photos taken on Instagram within X miles of a location? IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to create recipes for almost anything. Write your own recipe or choose from thousands of the most popular.


To schedule your Tweets. Buffer is a fantastic service that lets you set up a schedule (say 10 AM, 3 PM, 8 PM) and schedule Tweets using their browser app. Used by many of the biggest names on Twitter.

Use to shorten and track your links across all of your SM platforms. Their plugin works seamlessly with Twitter and can also be attached to most other SM channels.


While other SM scheduling apps allow you to publish future updates, Edgar reuses previously published content and fills it in to your schedule in smart ways. With Edgar your queue never runs dry.


Enhance the content you add on social media by adding call-to-action messages that show up when the user clicks your shared content. Promote a resource, popular blog post, or email newsletter by using the special Openr links in your SM.


Find opportunities for creating content on any topic; locate influencers to reach out to; find the best bloggers in a specific industry; export lists of influencers to message and connect to.


You’ve seen the quote graphics that go viral in social. right? With neat backgrounds and fonts? These quote graphics can be wonderful for branding and as SM content. Quozio lets you enter text & source, choose a background, and BAM! you have a quote graphic.


To find the most popular hashtags in a geographic area, in a business or topic, or to find trending hashtags. Hashtagify will also allow you to create alerts when a hashtag becomes trending with certain keywords in it.


Instagram is more than a SM platform, it’s a goldmine of content. Using the search tool on Instagram you can find images with a certain hashtag or taken in a certain geographic area. That content is a great way to connect with users or find images to use in your other SM channels.


This website curates some of the best content from thousands of websites. Search by topic to find great content to share on your SM channels. Find guest blogging opportunities, find influencers, keep abreast of SM trends.

Facebook Shopping

The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes on the site every day. It’s a busy place and a great spot to sell your products. If you have ecommerce in place you can add products and take payment directly through Facebook. Your product listings will show up on your FB page or you can promote them to the timeline of your followers.


To boost your Instagram presence. Boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward. Free for all Instagram users, Boomerang is installed as a companion app.

To monitor your brand on a multitude of channels. allows you to see what people are saying about your brand and be ahead of any damaging or controversial content. Or you can interact with users who like your brand to amplify their good words.


To extend the reach of your social media content and messaging. Babbly is a community where users share and reshare content on social media. Post your content, track results, and collaborate with other brands in your niche. Not a tool that works for every brand, but helpful for companies that post a lot.


To create attractive tag cloud graphics for your social media channels. A tag cloud is a visual representation of a brand, website, or topic or topics. They can be a great way to message or to offer links to content.