After Marketing is the part of the campaign that takes place after the prospect has been converted into a customer. It has also been called Loyalty Marketing or Retention Marketing.

Examples of After Marketing:

  • Customer Emails
  • Free PDFs or other resources such as eBooks
  • Reminders (for service or maintenance)
  • Sales messaging
  • Loyalty programs
  • Special offers
  • Thank you cards and phone calls
  • Customer-invite Events (online or offline)
  • Outreach for testimonials
  • Members-only content

Channels to consider for After Marketing:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Blog/Website
  • Mobile App
  • Traditional mail
  • Phone

The goal of After Marketing (AM) is to maintain and strengthen the relationship with the customer. The better the relationship the more likely for customer retention.

The best AM results in a customer who becomes an evangelist for your brand.