A Content Series is repeating content or episodic content published on a schedule in accordance with a campaign strategy.

The benefits of content series:

  • Creates a branded and consistent message around a set topic or theme
  • Develops brand anticipation from your audience (“Where is the latest ‘Ask The Plumber’ blog post from Smith Plumbing?” OR “I can’t wait for the new video from Brady’s Painting experts”)
  • Forms a library of content that can be packaged (publish your blog series as an ebook or downloadable PDF OR create a comic strip out of your social media card series)
  • Builds a piece of anchor content
  • Makes the content publication process more predictable and manageable (“We always produce a Ten Best infographic on the third Thursday of the month,” etc)

Some things to think about when establishing a content series:

  • Do you have the resources to create and publish a consistent series? (Unless it’s baked into the series you should have one voice so the series maintains a theme)
  • Will you run out of ideas?
  • Could the series become stagnant? (Does it have long legs?)