The Fire Hose Technique is a content strategy in which you publish a steady stream of content for a long period of time. The goal is to blanket your sphere of influence on a topic or in an industry by producing good content consistently.

According to some research, the Fire Hose Technique is most effective when a minimum of 4-7 pieces of content are produced weekly for at least three months. It can take six months to see results from the search engines and on their search engine results pages.

The strategy should include a healthy dose of editorial content (blog posts), as well as social media content, 10x content, and infographics, as well as podcasts if resources allow.

Content should target many relevant keywords and be published on a consistent basis. It can be beneficial to target deep content that will allow your website to rank for keywords and key phrases.

Important factors to consider when using this technique:

  • Quality content
  • Publication on separate days (don’t publish all your articles in one day or in batches)
  • Target topics and create content that is the best online about that topic
  • Consider using a content series