Founder Marketing is the use of the company founder or founders to directly communicate the brand message. For example, the founder and president of the company appearing in a YouTube video series to explain products and services.

The use of founder marketing can strengthen the brand and the personality as an expert in their indusry. It also personalizes the brand to potential customers. Appeal can be made based on authenticity, story, expertise, status, or other factors.

Founder marketing does not usually describe marketing efforts for a “personality brand,” such as a consultant who has his own website but works as a sole entity without employees. With founder marketing a business or company has been established.

Examples of Founder Marketing

  • The¬†founder of Wendy’s (Dave Thomas) appearing in his own television commercials.
  • My Pillow founder and inventor Michael J. Lindell as the face of his business.
  • Becky McCray, small business owner and small business evangelist.