Long Form Content is a blog post that exceeds 1,200 words in length.

Some sources consider blog posts over 700 words as long form, but that definition is not used on this website. Most long form content creators and long form publication platforms are publishing articles in excess of 1,200 words, often much longer.

Why long form content is effective

  • People are reading fewer books, but many people¬†still have an inherent attraction to longer pieces of editorial content. The increase in reading online has simultaneously shortened the attention span of the reader while also creating a new category of content that is longer than a standard blog post but shorter than a short story or book.
  • Due to the large amount “fluff” content online, there is a thirst for blog articles that go deeper on a subject.
  • Journalism has often lent itself to the long form format and with the decrease in newspaper journalism, some of that content has shifted online.
  • Long form content may receive an extra algorithmic boost from Google and Bing.

Examples of Good Long Form Content