Persuasion Words are a small set of English words that have proven to be highly compelling and forceful in creating reactions in the audience.

  • You
    People want to see their own name in print, it elicits a strong reaction. You can’t always do that, but the use of the word “you” is very powerful in making a connection with the reader.
  • Free
    Folks like free stuff. But be sure to convey value and quality, too.
  • Because
    People are more likely to do something for you if they are given a reason. The word “because” is perfectly suited for telling someone why you want/need them to perform a task, take action or do you a favor.
  • Instantly
    Your audience wants results now, if not sooner.
  • New
    This word appeals to the human need to be “in on the latest thing.”

Marketers should strive to use these words in their headlines, subject lines, copy, and call to actions.

Gregory Ciotti has written an excellent article on why these words are persuasive.